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Whitley, Hannah. “Factors Restricting Agricultural Production for Socially Disadvantaged Urban Growers.” Target journal: Journal of Extension.


Whitley, Hannah. “’Outsiders Within’ the Urban Farm: Exploring Lived Experiences of Black Women Growers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.” Target journal: Agriculture and Human Values.


Whitley, Hannah. “Using Photovoice Methods to Learn from Women Farmers, Growers, Agricultural Educators, and Food Advocates in Pittsburgh, PA.” Target journal: Action Research.


Whitley, Hannah. “Reimagining Public Participation with New Communication Technologies: Lessons from Socially Distant Engagement in Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Nebraska.” Manuscript for publication in a special journal issue on Advancing Scholarship and Practice of Stakeholder Engagement in Working Landscapes.


Whitley, Hannah and Kathryn Brasier. “How Landowner Perceptions of Conservation Organizations Correspond with Willingness to Change Land Use Practices: Evidence from Nebraska and Pennsylvania.” Target journal: Rural Sociology.


Engle, Elyzabeth, Hannah Whitley, Weston Eaton, Morey Burnham, Kathryn Brasier, Anil Kumar Chaudhary, and Lara Fowler. “Stakeholder Engagement in Natural Resource Management: A Systematic Review of Definitions, Practices, and Outcomes.” Target journal: Society and Natural Resources.


Eaton, Weston M., Hannah Whitley, Kathryn Brasier, Mark E. Burbach, Jodi Delozier, Walt Whitmer, Amber Wutich, and Julia C. Bausch. “Developing and applying a conceptual framework to identify the ‘participatory culture’ of farmer stakeholders.” Target journal: Journal of Environmental Management.


Eaton, Weston M., Kathryn Brasier, Walt Whitmer, Mark E. Burbach, Hannah Whitley, Jodi Delozier, Anil Kumar Chaudhary, Amber Wutich, Julia C. Bausch, Morey Burnham, Melissa Beresford, Cheryl Burkhart-Kriesel, Elyzabeth W. Engle, Lara B. Fowler, Clinton Williams, Sarah Porter, Heather Preisendanz, Barbara Quimby, Jack Watson, and Jason Weigle. “Engagement can enable social and environmental change, but how? An anticipatory conceptual model for tracing social and environmental change through community and stakeholder engagement.” Target journal: Society and Natural Resources.

Hannah T. Whitley

PhD Candidate | Rural Sociology & Human Dimensions of Natural Resources and the Environment