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Photovoice is a hands-on photographic research method that asks participants to take photographs that represent their individual perspectives and lived experiences. A unique way to document needs and promote dialogue, photovoice can illuminate barriers, highlight opportunities, and influence policy and resource decision-making in respectful and supportive ways. Photovoice ignites public interest in important topics that are relevant within a community and helps that community express itself through photography. Pictures and narratives are a creative way to document struggles, happiness, and stories.


Since 2019, I've coordinated two photovoice projects.


The Female Farmer Photovoice Project, funded by NE SARE and the Pennsylvania Women's Agricultural Network, is a digital exhibition of photographs and narratives created by 18 women farmers, gardeners, food activists and advocates in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania during the spring of 2019. A traveling exhibit curated by project participants was displayed at 10 events across the Northeast U.S. from August 2019 to February 2020. Data from this project was used as part of my Master's thesis.

Ag in the Basin, funded by the College of Agricultural Science at Pennsylvania State University, seeks to show the world what it looks like to farm and ranch in the Klamath Basin. The project's digital gallery is now live!


Interested in coordinating your own photovoice project?

The link to a "how to" photovoice workshop I presented at Pennsylvania State University is available upon request.

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