The Female Farmer Photovoice Project

What is photovoice?

Photovoice is a participatory research and critical thinking method that invites participants to use photography to represent and reflect on their experiences and use their images to build community and collaborate for positive change. A unique way to document needs and promote dialogue, photovoice can illuminate barriers to access and influence policy and resource decision making in respectful and supportive ways. Photovoice can ignite public interest about important topics that are relevant within a community, using pictures and narratives as a creative way to document stories, struggles, and strengths.

About the project

With support from the Pennsylvania Women's Agricultural Network (PA-WAgN) and the USDA

National Institute of Food and Agriculture through the Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Research

and Education program, I created and coordinated The Female Farmer Photovoice Project, a

program that invited participants to use photography and written narratives to represent and reflect

on their experiences as women farmers, growers, food activists, and agricultural educators in

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


In the spring of 2019, eighteen women urban agriculturalists from across Pittsburgh were given

disposable cameras and asked to take pictures to "tell their story" of their experience in urban agriculture. After three weeks of picture taking, participants met together during reflection meetings to share their photos, select which ones they want to share with the public, create titles, and write narratives for their photographs. Together, photovoice participants created From Blight to Beauty, a collection of images and stories that shed light on the people, places, struggles, celebrations, and experiences with urban agriculture.The images document experiences of community, collaboration, isolation, healing, and love, as well as the beauty of "growing food and growing minds" in many of Pittsburgh's neighborhoods.


Images and stories from The Female Farmer Photovoice Project are displayed on the project website's digital gallery and in an exhibition that has been shown at more than a dozen agriculture, policy, and networking events across the Northeast. Learn more about the project at


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