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My teaching philosophy

and ways in which they affect how I teach and mentor. As a sociologist, I believe it is my responsibility to illuminate the frequently overlooked and ignored, complex factors that underpin social phenomena. As an instructor, I believe that it is my responsibility to create a safe, empowering space for students to explore these phenomena and challenge their beliefs and preconceived ideas. Just as I am committed to cultivating a classroom where students are encouraged to think critically, I am committed to supporting students as they navigate the (un)learning process and the difficult attitudes and conversations that come with it.

Effective instruction requires recognition that our experiences shape who we are; they are not only woven into our identities, but they affect the way we see the world, interpret events, consume information, and engage with our communities. As an instructor, I am committed to constantly examining and
re-examining my own identities, beliefs, and

Classes I'm Prepared to Teach

  • Collaborative Governance

  • Community & Stakeholder Engagement

  • Environmental/Natural Resource Sociology

  • Mediation & Public Conflicts

  • Methods

    • Ethnography/Ethnographic Field School

    • Feminist Research & Teaching

    • Participatory Action Research

    • Qualitative

    • Mixed-Methods

  • Social Inequality 

  • Sociology of Food and Agriculture

  • Writing-intensive courses

Teaching Certificates & Training

  • Certificate in College Teaching, Pennsylvania State University (expected 2023)

  • Certificate in Online TeachingSchreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence (2019) 

  • Foundations in Instruction Series, Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence (2017) 

  • Linguistic Inclusiveness Professional Learning Community, Oregon State University (2022) 

  • Race Equity in Agriculture Teaching Community, Pennsylvania State University (2021-2022) 

  • Writing Intensive Curriculum (WIC) Faculty Seminar Series, Oregon State University (2021) 

Teaching Experience

Douglas and Klamath County School Districts, Oregon

  • PreK-12 Substitute Teacher (2021-2022)

Pennsylvania State University

  • Comparative Urbanism (S2023) (writing-intensive course), Teaching Assistant, 16 students

  • Environment and Society (F2019) (writing-intensive course), Teaching Assistant, 20 students

  • Global Parks & Sustainability (S2023), Teaching Assistant, 250 students

  • Mediation of Environment and Public Conflicts (S2023), Teaching Assistant, 40 students

Oregon State University

  • Academics for Student Athletes (W2016-S2016), Social Science and Humanities Tutor

  • Culture, Conflict, and Globalization (F2016), 25 students

  • Introduction to the College of Liberal Arts (S2017), Teaching Assistant, 10 students

  • Introduction to Sociology (F2015, Su2016), Teaching Assistant, 200 students and 35 students

  • Undergraduate Writing Center (F2016-W2017), Discussion Facilitator, 10 students

  • Undergraduate Writing Center (W2014-S2017), Writing Assistant​

Sample Lectures

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