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I was a keynote speaker at Oregon State University's 2022 Grad Inspire event. Click on the photo for access to my talk!

Keynote address at Oregon State University's 2022 Grad Inspire Event. Click here to access my talk.

How can we make natural resource governance more collaborative, inclusive, and equitable?

Can participatory processes accommodate power disparities among stakeholders?

How do we do this work in an era of growing institutional distrust and increasing
rural-urban divide?

As a sociologist who studies the intersection between socio-political, environmental and natural resource systems, my research is focused on two linked areas: (1) examining how systems of privilege, power, and oppression manifest within resource management, governance, and agricultural institutions to produce inequities, and (2) investigating how collective action, public participation, and community resilience strategies manifest and affect the management of agricultural landscapes, natural resource use, and climate change mitigation and adaptation. 

Using qualitative, mixed methods, and community-based participatory research approaches, my research works from the interface of rural and environmental/natural resource sociology, natural resource governance, the sociology of food and agriculture, and the science of stakeholder engagement. 

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