Stakeholder Engagement in Natural Resource Governance and Management  

Multi-level Water Governance Organizations

The goal of this research is to examine the process and evaluation of stakeholder engagement in multi-level water governance organizations and explore how public participation processes and outcomes are related to institutional structures of power.


Water for Agriculture

The goal of this research is to better understand how stakeholders are and can be more effectively engaged in the decisions and programs that affect water quality and quantity for and from agriculture.

Women and Agriculture

Connecting Female Farmers Across the Rural-Urban Divide

The goal of this research was to identify barriers and opportunities for cooperation, learning, and resource sharing between rural and urban women farmers in Pennsylvania.

The Female Farmer Photovoice Project

This project invited participants to use photography and written narratives to represent and reflect on their experiences as women farmers, growers, food activists, and agricultural educators.

Women's Agricultural Experiences in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The goal of this research was to explore how socially constructed identities like race, gender, and class, complicate barriers and opportunities for urban agriculturalists and connect to broader institutional inequities.

Climate Change and Extreme Weather Events

Community Reactions to Extreme Weather Events

The goal of this research was to understand under what conditions and via what mechanisms communities undertake significant climate-related actions - in terms of collective mobilization and governmental policy - following an extreme weather event.

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Hannah T. Whitley

PhD Candidate | Rural Sociology & Human Dimensions of Natural Resources and the Environment